ZenTapper “ZenPro” $995

The ZenPro is the model we feature in photographs on this website. It’s designed so that if you are a professional musician, you can feel completely comfortable using your ZenTapper on any studio-recording gigs you take on.

Sturdy, reliable construction. Outstanding sound. Superb playability.

Comes with custom “Flat-Top” dual-rail pickups, dual volume controls for bass and melody, stereo output jack, fully-adjustable bridge, built-in strap buttons and connector for ‘cross bar’ support, full twelve strings, easy-to-learn ‘BassBottom’ tuning, and magnificent sound!

Special Introductory Pricing: $995

Popular Options

+ MegStrap from Mobius Megatar, $45

+ Stereo output cable, $20

+ Lightweight ZenTravel Case, $79

+ “Easy Touch-Style” method, four books on CD, $55.95

+ Set of LongStringers from Mobius Megatar, $37

+ SPECIAL PACKAGE! Add “ZenTapper Gig Package” — All above Items –
* patented MegStrap from Mobius Megatar ($45 value), * stereo output cable (value $20), * lightweight ZenTravel Case ($79 value), * all four method books of the “Easy Touch-Style” method on CD ($55.95 value), and * set of extra strings ($37 value), a total package value of $226.55. But order ZenTapper Gig Package Special Pricing with your instrument, get total package for only $139

Other Accessories

+ Add ‘MegBar’ support from Mobius Megatar, $65

+ Two sets LongStringers, discount pricing, $67

Custom Shop Mods

+ Upgrade to “Dragon’s Breath” gold-case pickups, $100

+ Upgrade to world famous “Bartolini” pickups, $240

+ “Midnight Pro” model. Painted& finished Jet-Black body, $200

+ BlackJack trim package (black tuners, black volume knobs), $60

+ Straplocks (chrome) $40, (black) $50

+ Factory-shop installation of Buzz Feiten Intonation System, $180

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