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Let’s take a more detailed look at how to play using the “Easy Touch-Style Method,” with a demo video …

[A note from Traktor Topaz at Sterling Systems -- Since we don't have our own demonstration video, I've borrowed this 'how to play touchstyle' video from our sister company, Mobius Megatar.

Therefore, in the video following, I'm demonstrating how to play the two-handed touchstyle method on a Mobius Megatar touchstyle guitar. The hand position is different, using the popular "crossed" string arrangement, but the method works exactly the same!]

‘How to Play Touchstyle” Demonstration Video

In this overview of the Touch-Style technique, I’ll provide a demo of the simple basics, illustrating how to combine these building blocks to create different forms of music, such as –

  • (1) How to arpeggiate four simple chords in both hands using only nine notes;
  • (2) How to play bass in your left hand, and harmony notes in your right hand;
  • (3).How to build left-hand chords on those bass roots (still within just the nine notes);
  • (4) How to play those same harmony notes while playing walking bass (still within just the nine notes),
  • (5) How to play melody in either hand, or in both hands;
  • (6) How to play left-hand chords and simply improvise; and
  • (7) How to play left-hand chords and right hand melody.

Different Instruments. Same Technique.

The instrument used in this demo is a Mobius Megatar TrueTapper Eclipse. The same technique, with slightly different hand placement, is used to play the ZenTapper.

These techniques, and more, are presented in our Easy Touch-Style Method books, and you can obtain a free, immediate-download copy of Book One, just by requesting it using the form on the right side of this page.

This demonstration video gives a simple, concise overview of the technique. Although the ZenTapper may look different than the TrueTapper Eclipse shown here, the ZenTapper is just as easy to play, and you can use this same simple and powerful method for fast learning and you gain the ability to create astounding music with these simple methods.


Because the same techniques will happily lead you quickly into playing any style of music you desire …

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