Hello Touchstyle Universe!

The folks here at Sterling Systems are delighted to finally begin the process of unveiling something new and wonderful, an instrument that allows any musician to “Play Guitar and Bass At the Same Time!”

It may be difficult to imagine, but with our new method — fully revealed in our four method books — it is actually easier to learn to play two-handed bass and guitar than it is to learn normal guitar, or piano.

Download our free book #1, and see for yourself how it works.

Design Refinement

For quite some time, we’ve been refining the design of the instrument you now see revealed. It looks simple, but please be aware that ‘simply doing it; doing it simply’ can be much more difficult. Because a simple and functional design is what we call “elegant.”

Introducing the magnificent sound of the elegantly-simple ZenTapper.

Get one, and play it, and create eternal music.

You’ll be glad you did.

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